The Flatworks, LLC. designs and produces wooden kits that are as fun to build as they are to use. Based in Newport, Rhode Island our first kit, the PlyFly GoKart, launched on Kickstarter, ending March 31st. Don’t worry though, you haven’t missed your chance to get a PlyFly or one of our other kits. We are currently building out our own online store, but until that is ready, you can pre-order below!

About The Flatworks

Inspired by modern engineering but driven by the ideals of a more care-free time, we design and make kits that allow you to accomplish amazing builds in a short time. Our products will stimulate your curiosity and creativity while providing the thrill of building and personalizing your own creations. We use only the best materials and components – the rest is up to you.

We can’t wait to bring your next project to life!

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  • Tim Moulton
    Tim Moulton

    Tim is the founder and lead designer of The Flatworks and has finally realized his lifelong desire to own a go kart. He is an engineer by trait and training, and loves to bring designs off the paper and into the real world. His background in surgical robots, injection devices and toilet valves proves useful occasionally.

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    • Kenton Zimmerman
      Kenton Zimmerman

      Striking an uncanny balance between exuberance and organization, Kenton is a founding member of The Flatworks team. Kenton plays hard and manages to keep projects on track and priorities in line. He is a master of all things thoughtful, and keeper of the vision for the rest of the team.

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      • Jen Z.
        Jen Z.

        With a remarkable ability to create a singular vision through a forest of options, Jen directs the design elements of The Flatworks. Spraying a fire hose of material, designs, collateral and footage onto a blank canvas, Jen manages to create signal out of noise and helps form the connection between The Flatworks team and our beloved customers.


        • Dave Dennis
          Dave Dennis

          As someone who has raced powered things all his life, Dave has ushered the design of our first kits from concept to reality. Knowing no bounds, Dave cut, shaped, hammered and cajoled plywood to places it has never been before – and may never go again! When not racing a plywood construction around the parking lot, he can be found prepping his cars for the next hillclimb or rallycross.

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          Contact Us

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